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Dragonwoods History:

Back in 2004 Dragonwood was formed from a merge between Chaotic Dragons and Darkwood. Unlike most clan merges, this was successful and Dragonwood has slowly progressed under secure leadership and a firm member base to become a powerful force today. Through the years the clan was determined to reach the top 10 and did, but sadly things went down hill. Many forum hackings hurt Dragonwood, but we never gave up. As the years went on we were up and down in the clan world, but never even came close to falling as a clan due to amazing leadership. We have and always will be determined to be a great clan and a hard opponent on the battle field. In 2008 Dragonwood reached the top 15 once again, and had there highest pull in history of 68 [204 Options] warriors. Now enough about our past, read on more to see about Dragonwood and what it has to offer today!


New members are alway welcome to our community. Dragonwood is one of the most active warring clans there is today and we have a sound community. Our members help each other out when needed. Those looking to do a lot of F2P warring & PK-RIs and a fun community read our requirments below!

To apply for Dragonwood as a Future Member (Page), you must meet the following requirements: 1) 108+ F2P Combat 2) 83+ Defence 3) Must have Teamspeak. If you don't have it yet, you will be asked to download it. 4) It is mandatory that you take a screenshot of the following gear:

You may replace the robes with your type of robes. If you have FoG items or Rc items please show them aswell. Anchovy pizzas can be replaced with swordfish.***NOTE***90+ Rangers must show the ranged gear that is highlighted in red***NOTE*** [If you cannot take a screenshot or don't know how to, you can stop by #dwood and a member will be happy to take it for you or tell you how.] Sad that you do not meet those requirements? Your in luck Dragonwood holds a Junior Rank (Seedling) which you can apply for if you are 105+ combat. Once you have been accepted this is what you will be expected to overcome to become a full member (Squire). You are expected to train up to full member status quickly and will be encouraged to do so by officials, and also complete the following:1. Attend 3 events. 2. Get a 10+ post count on the forums. 3. Have teamspeak downloaded & connected to Dragonwoods server. 4. Able to tank effectively during a fight. Wars & Events: Dragonwood is one of the most active warring clans there is today in the clan world with 3-5 Wars or PKRIs each week. We do both PvP and CWA warring. Not only do we have many wars for you to participate in, but we also have fun events like 26k, god wars, and all other kinds. We hold 1-2 fun events each week. These events supplement the fights we have to improve the community, but also to give the members some less serious fun and to gain cash for new rune sets! Here are some pictures of DW in action over the years we have been around ...!

Contacts & Details:

If you like what you see and are interested in joining, visit our forums which you find at the top of this topic. If, however you still have questions about certain aspects of the clan, feel free to register on our forums and pm and official or post your question. You can also join our chatroom on the at #dwood. Feel free to PM and Op, HOp or Voiced in our chat and ask your questions.

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